Featuring thick tufting, accented with bronze or silver nailheads, this piece will add sophistication to your bedroom. Its soft padding will give you comfort whether you are sleeping or enjoying a good book. The overall height can be adjusted according to 5 available positions (from 48″H to 66″H), allowing for flexibility based on the overall height of your mattress. Canadian made, hand built to order.


Reference#Size in inchMaterialsColours
R-147S 39″ Adjustable Headboard42″W 3.5″D 28″HSee belowSee below
R-147D 54″ Adjustable Headboard57″W 3.5″D 28″H
R-147Q 60″ Adjustable Headboard63″W 3.5″D 28″H
R-147K 78″ Adjustable Headboard81″W 3.5″D 28″H







Image Bank

R147-10 Adjustable Headboard (Off-White)

Grey (26)

Charcoal (60)