Elevate your bedroom with our charming and versatile bunk bed, a perfect blend of style, safety, and functionality.

Charming Casual Style:
Our bunk bed boasts a casual style that’s both timeless and inviting. The black metal tubing with a gentle arch adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring it complements a variety of decor styles.

Safety First:
We prioritize your loved one’s safety. Metal side guard rails on the top bunk provide peace of mind, ensuring a secure and peaceful night’s sleep. An attached ladder makes it easy to access the top bunk, promoting convenience and safety.

Warm Espresso Wood Posts:
The rich espresso wood posts at each corner of the bunk bed bring a touch of warmth and character to the design. These wooden accents soften the overall look, creating an inviting and stylish aesthetic.

Splittable into Two Beds:
Our bunk bed is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be easily split into two separate single beds. This feature allows you to adapt your bedroom layout as your needs change, making it perfect for growing families or guest rooms.

Sturdy Slats Included:
The bunk bed comes with sturdy slats for mattress support, ensuring that your mattresses remain comfortable and well-supported over time. This feature enhances the overall durability and value of your investment.

With our Charming Casual Style Bunk Bed, you can achieve the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality in your bedroom. Whether you’re furnishing a shared children’s room, a guest bedroom, or any space where versatility and style are essential, this bunk bed is an excellent choice.
Upgrade your bedroom with this stylish, versatile bunk bed today and experience the best of safety, style, and functionality.

Weight capacity (lbs): Top: 200 | Bottom: 350


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
T2910   |   39″/39″ Bunk Bed 43″W 79″D 66″H Wood Espresso
Metal Black




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T2910 Bunk Bed
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