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The traditionally designed table fits most dining spaces, and includes a 12″ butterfly extension to increase the size of your dining area. Dining chairs include a large, rounded seating area, and Windsor backs. 2/box. Available in choice of Black, Grey or White Finish.


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
T-3056/3055B-SET 7 Piece Dining Set (Black)Solid WoodBlack
T-3056B-T Dining Table (Black)36″W 52″-63″D 30″H
T-3055B-C Dining Chair (2/box) (Black)21″W 21″D 36″H
T-3056/3055G-SET 7 Piece Dining Set (Grey)Solid WoodGrey
T-3056G-T Dining Table (Grey)36″W 52″-63″D 30″H
T-3055G-C Dining Chair (2/box) (Grey)21″W 21″D 36″H
T-3056/3055W-SET 7 Piece Dining Set (White)Solid WoodWhite
T-3056W-T Dining Table (White)36″W 52″-63″D 30″H
T-3055W-C Dining Chair (2/box) (White)21″W 21″D 36″H



Image Bank

T3056/3055B 7PC Dining Set (Black)
T3056/3055W 7PC Dining Set (White)
T3056/3055G 7PC Dining Set (Grey)
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