Louis Phillipe Bedroom Set (Grey)

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Elevate your bedroom to the pinnacle of style and comfort with the Louis Philippe Bedroom Set (Grey). Its timeless charm, classic sleigh bed, and comprehensive furniture package make it the perfect choice for those who appreciate enduring beauty and luxury.

Rich Louis Philippe Elegance:
Experience the epitome of refined design with the Louis Philippe Bedroom Set. This beautifully crafted collection is designed to infuse your bedroom with richness and luxury. The semi-gloss grey finish adds a touch of sophistication, elevating your space into an elegant sanctuary.

Sleigh Bed with Classic Curves:
The sleigh bed in this set boasts gentle curves that pay homage to timeless design. Crafted with precision from solid wood and Asian veneers, it offers a perfect blend of enduring beauty and structural strength. The Louis Philippe Bedroom Set marries aesthetics and robust construction seamlessly.

Complete Bedroom Package:
This splendid set includes everything you need for a well-appointed bedroom. It comprises the elegant sleigh bed, a functional nightstand, a stylish mirror and dresser, and a practical chest. The thoughtful inclusion of slats ensures your mattress receives adequate support, and while the bed requires a box spring, it’s designed for your comfort and convenience.

Weight Capacities (lb): Single: 400 | Full: 550 | Queen: 650 | King: 700


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
LP-39-Set-G   |   39″ Bedroom Set Wood, Veneers Grey Finish
LP-54-Set-G   |   54″ Bedroom Set
LP-60-Set-G   |   60″ Bedroom Set
LP-78-Set-G   |   78″ Bedroom Set
LP-39-G   |   39″ Bed 41″W 84″D 44″H
LP-54-G   |   54″ Bed 57″W 84″D 44″H
LP-60-G   |   60″ Bed 63″W 90″D 44″H
LP-78-G   |   78″ Bed 81″W 90″D 44″H
LP-DM-G   |   Dresser (6 Drawers) 58″W 16″D 33″H
                   |   Mirror 36″W 1″D 35″H
LP-NS-G   |   Night Stand (2 Drawers) 22″W 16″D 24″H
LP-C-G   |   Chest (5 Drawers) 32″W 16″D 48″H



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