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Transform your bedroom into a haven of modern elegance with our platform bed. Its simplistic sophistication, coupled with the button-tufted headboard, makes it a stylish focal point. The sturdy metal frame and efficient mattress support system guarantee both reliability and comfort. Enjoy a clutter-free and contemporary bedroom with no need for a box spring.

Simplistic Sophistication:
Elevate your bedroom with a minimalist yet sophisticated design. Our platform bed is the embodiment of simplicity and style.

Button-Tufted Headboard:
The upholstered headboard features elegant button-tufted detailing, adding a touch of luxury to your sleeping space. It’s the perfect backdrop for your nightly retreat.

Sturdy Metal Frame:
Crafted with a strong and durable metal frame, this bed ensures stability and longevity. It can handle the rigors of daily use, providing you with a reliable and stylish foundation.

Metal Mattress Support:
Say goodbye to the need for a traditional box spring. Our platform bed comes with a metal mattress support system that offers exceptional support and comfort for your mattress.

No Box Spring Required:
Streamline your bedroom setup with the convenience of no box spring. This feature not only simplifies your life but also enhances the sleek and uncluttered look of your sleeping space.
Upgrade your sleeping experience today!

Weight Capacities (lb): Single: 400 | Full: 500 | Queen: 600


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
T2208G-S   |   39″ Platform Bed 39″W 75″D 40″H Linen Fabric Grey
T2208G-D   |   54″ Platform Bed 54″W 75″D 40″H Metal Black Finish
T2208G-Q   |   60″ Platform Bed 60″W 81″D 40″H
T2208W-S   |   39″ Platform Bed 39″W 75″D 40″H Bonded Leather White
T2208W-D   |   54″ Platform Bed 54″W 75″D 40″H Metal White Finish
T2208W-Q  |   60″ Platform Bed 60″W81″D 40″H
T955B   |   Night Stand (1 Drawer) Black 19″W 14″D 24″H Wood Black
T965B   |   Chest (4 Drawer) Black 30″W 15″D 39.5″H
T975B   |   Dresser (6 Drawer) Black 56″W 15.5″D 32″H
T955W   |   Night Stand (1 Drawer) White 19″W 14″D 24″H Wood White
T965W   |   Chest (4 Drawer) White 30″W 15″D 39.5″H
T975W   |   Dresser (6 Drawer) White 56″W 15.5″D 32″H
T826-GR   |   Storage Bench (Grey) 36″W 17″D 17″H Linen Grey
T826-WH   |   Storage Bench (White) 36″W 17″D 17″H PU Leather White




Image Bank

Bedroom Set (Grey)
Bedroom Set (White)
T2208W Platform Bed (White)
T2208G Platform Bed (Grey)
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