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Upgrade your bedroom with our stylish grey linen platform bed – it’s more than just furniture; it’s an invitation to experience the perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

Stylish Elegance:
Our platform bed takes your sleeping space to the next level with its stylish design. Draped entirely in stunning grey linen fabric, it adds an elegant touch to your bedroom. It’s not just a bed; it’s a statement of style.

Durable Craftsmanship:
Crafted with a sturdy wood frame, this bed is built to last for years to come. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in quality and durability.

Effortless Mattress Support:
Say goodbye to the need for a box spring. Our platform bed includes slats that provide reliable mattress support, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free sleeping experience.

Sleek Simplicity:
The clean lines and contemporary design make this bed an attractive addition to any bedroom. It’s not just a bed; it’s a fusion of form and function.

Versatile Grey Linen:
The grey linen fabric complements a wide range of bedroom decor, allowing you to create your own unique style. It’s more than just a bed; it’s a canvas for your personal design.

Shop with us today and transform your sleeping space into a realm of style and relaxation.

Weight Capacities (lb): Single: 400 | Full: 550 | Queen: 650 | King: 700


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
T2355G-S   |   39″ Platform Bed 41″W 78″D 34″H Linen Fabric Grey
T2355G-D   |   54″ Platform Bed 57″W 78″D 34″H
T2355G-Q   |   60″ Platform Bed 62″W 84″D 34″H
T2355G-K   |   78″ Platform Bed 81″W 84″D 34″H
T955B   |   Night Stand (1 Drawer) Black 19″W 14″D 24″H Wood Black
T965B   |   Chest (4 Drawer) Black 30″W 15″D 39.5″H
T975B   |   Dresser (6 Drawer) Black 56″W 15.5″D 32″H
T955W   |   Night Stand (1 Drawer) White 19″W 14″D 24″H Wood White
T965W   |   Chest (4 Drawer) White 30″W 15″D 39.5″H
T975W   |   Dresser (6 Drawer) White 56″W 15.5″D 32″H
T826-GR   |   Storage Bench (Grey) 36″W 17″D 17″H Linen Grey




Image Bank

Bedroom Set (Beige)
Bedroom Set (Grey)
T2355G Platform Bed (Grey)
T2355B Platform Bed (Beige)
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