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Upgrade your small space with our comfortable and easy-to-transform sofa bed. Its simple yet elegant design, firm support, and effortless transition make it a perfect fit for your compact living areas. Enjoy style, comfort, and convenience all in one.

Small Space Superstar:
This sofa bed is tailor-made for smaller spaces. Its clever design in neutral colors seamlessly blends into any room, adding functionality without overwhelming the decor.

Firm and Comfortable:
Enjoy a firm seating area and strong back support. Our sofa bed offers a comfortable place to sit and relax, ensuring that your comfort is a top priority.

Effortless Transition:
Say goodbye to the struggle of transforming your sofa into a bed. Our extremely easy transition process makes it a breeze to convert the sofa into a bed whenever you need it, providing added convenience.

Neutral Elegance:
The sofa bed’s neutral colors and simple design allow it to adapt effortlessly to your existing decor. It’s the perfect canvas for your personal style and decoration preferences.

Two for One:
To top it off, this sofa bed comes complete with two stylish accent pillows, adding a touch of sophistication and coziness to your living space. It’s the perfect fusion of style and functionality.


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
T1825C | Sofa Bed Sofa-54.5″W 35″D 34″H Linen Fabric Charcoal
Bed-47″W 74″D 17″H
T1825G | Sofa Bed Sofa-54.5″W 35″D 34″H Linen Fabric Grey
Bed-47″W 74″D 17″H



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