T57 60″/78″ Frame (6 Glides, 1 Centre Support)

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Elevate your sleep experience with our Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frame. Crafted for outstanding durability and unwavering support, this bed frame ensures your mattress remains firmly in place, providing you with nights of restful sleep.

Effortless Assembly and Secure Locking:
Bid farewell to the frustration of complex assembly. Our bed frame features cross arms that simplify the setup, and a secure locking mechanism guarantees a rock-solid foundation. Say goodbye to wobbles and hello to peace of mind.

Personalize Your Space with Ease:
Express your unique style by adding the headboard of your choice. Our bed frame is designed with riveted headboard brackets, making it a breeze to attach and adjust your headboard. Customize your bedroom decor effortlessly.

Triple-Thick Steel Corners for Unmatched Support:
The locking legs of our bed frame create an exceptionally strong, triple-thick steel layer at the corners, ensuring your mattress enjoys unparalleled support. No more sagging or shifting—just a solid foundation for quality sleep.

Plastic Glides for Maximum Support and Strength:
Our bed frame features plastic glides that provide unparalleled support and strength. Your mattress will rest securely, delivering enhanced comfort and a tranquil sleeping experience.

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