This headboard brings depth and class to any neutrally balanced style décor. This simple, yet unique headboard will remain a striking focal point through years of colour, décor, and design changes in your room. The overall height can be adjusted according to 5 available positions (from 48″H to 66″H), allowing for flexibility based on the overall height of your mattress.


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
R-135S 39″ Adjustable Headboard 42″W 3.5″D 24″H See below See below
R-135D 54″ Adjustable Headboard 57″W 3.5″D 24″H
R-135Q 60″ Adjustable Headboard 63″W 3.5″D 24″H
R-135K 78″ Adjustable Headboard 81″W 3.5″D 24″H







Image Bank

R135-26 Adjustable Headboard (Grey)
Espresso (30)
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